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Model: beard growth oil
New, beard repair growth solution.The active ingredients are angelica extract, palm oil, tea tree oil, hair follicle growth hormone and so onActivation in the "sleep" state of Mao Nang cell, make its vitality, enter the active state of beard growth.After the hair follicle cells are activated, the ra..
Model: Hyaluronic Acid
DescriptionHyaluronic Acid Goji CreamGoji Berry Facial CreamMedlar Multi EffectAnti WrinkleInhibit The Activity Of TyrosinaseSpecifidation: 100mlShelf life: 3 yearsIngredients: Chinese wolfberry essence in rich in vitamins and amino acids, can compact skin, lock the water, prevent moisture loss, bri..
Model: Beauty Milk
olden Face Beauty Milk - 200mlGolden Face Beauty Milk lightens the skin by fading away dark spots and lightening away the dull skin that is made of dead skin cells. The UV Sunscreen agent guards your skin against the sun's harmful rays and prevents further darkening of skin blemishes. ..
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