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Serum Vit C Serum Whitening

Serum Vit C Serum Whitening
Serum Vit C Serum Whitening
Vitamin C Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps reduce wrinkles. And the skin firm. It helps prevent UV rays from sunlight.

Vitamin E helps to heal dark spots. Vitamin E can restore moisture to our skin. The skin cells. Back to moist. It also removes old skin cells or dead skin cells.

Alpha Arbutin Alfa Arbutin Do not thin In the cell directly inhibit the skin is not regenerated from the inside. When skin is not thin, we can nourish the skin along with other products.

Collagen acts to protect the structure of the skin. From being sunk by sunlight Pollution from the environment and other toxins that cause skin diseases.

Aloe Vala also helps to moisturize the skin. And help to reduce dark spots.

Vitamin B 3 helps the skin and cells cause new skin cells. It will make the skin clear.

How to use

1.Apply lotion first

2. Apply it on the skin directly.


1 Bottle/30 ml.

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