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shenic Perfect Legs Stage 2

shenic Perfect Legs Stage 2
shenic Perfect Legs Stage 2

Shenic oil stage 2 more effective for ur green veins, stretch marks solution. can be used alone or mixed.

Shenic oil is a concentrated formula for instant concealment. At the same time an effective treatment that gradually works with nature to fade out brown marks, bleaching cream reaction, rashes, and eczema. This oil eradicates freckles and sunspots caused by excessive exposure to the sun. Age spots & liver spots on face & hands.Shenicc Oil also works against spots caused by oral contraceptives, “Mask of pregnancy ” which appears on the upper lip, cheeks, or forehead. Abnormal dark pigmentation patches. The sunscreen in Glyceptine prevents the sunlight from darkening these freckles and brown marks this is very good in getting rid of skin tags, sunburns, spots around the neck. Thus, reduces swelling, redness, and itch; as well as pimples and give you a flawless, toned complexion. Can be used on its own or added to lotion/ cream.Shenic Perfect legs are therefore the new beauty revolutionaries for body and the legs perfect. 
Dilated vessels
Stretch marks
Blue & Varicose vein
Pimples & Dark head and
Bleaching cream reaction.

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